Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Attendee Online Folder

Hello attendees!

Here is your pre-conference online folder. Please print out any information below that you would like to have at the conference for personal use. Note that your specific workshops and submission guidelines (for attendees only!) will be included in a physical folder that you will receive on the day of the conference. For generalized conference information, please see the categories in the registration sidebar.

Please be on time as we have a full schedule prepared for you. Registration begins at 7:45, and we highly recommend you arrive at that time.

We are excited to see you and begin a day of intense craft learning that we hope will inspire you onward!

Included in this Online Folder:

· A map of Bishop Ranch to help you find your workshops (pdf)

· Etiquette guide for new attendees (pdf)


Food Information:

Snacks: A light mid-morning and afternoon snack will be available. Coffee and drink service will be provided, as well as water. Please bring your own water containers to cut down on waste.

Lunch: We will have wraps available for lunch that will include vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. If you have additional needs, please bring supplemental food with you, but consume it offsite as SCBWI will be fined for any food brought into the conference center.

Thank you and see you soon!