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Thurs. July 9 — Creative TOV Zoom Meet Up

Date(s) - 07/09/2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Reach, Include, Belong — Equity & Inclusion in Children’s Literature

Creative Tapestry of Voices (TOV) Zoom Meet Up in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The Tapestry of Voices Community Takes Action! What YOU can do:

  • • Listen to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) talk about their feelings and experiences.
  • • Sign petitions on
  • • Speak out against Injustice.
  • • Read a lot — follow anti-racist activists to learn more about the issues, constraints, and history of racism.
  • • Read more about the concept of “anti-racism”.
  • • Be healthy! Health is your birthright and allows you to remain a vital part of the conversation.
  • • Meet with your local community leaders to facilitate change.
  • Read books and articles written by marginalized authors about their lived experiences.
  • • Support anti-racist policies and leaders.
  • • Promote #ownvoices titles and books that confront bigotry.
  • • Show to the White Savior Trope video Relando Thompkins-Jones recently linked to on his blog.
  • • Write a letter to your CEO.
  • • Change your bookshelf. Invest time in learning about others through their art, books, films, and documentaries
  • • Listen. Read. Demand full inclusion in all organizations.
  • • Have the “tough” conversations while being open civil, and inclusive.
  • • Support Black-owned businesses. Continue to buy books at Marcus Books and other local Black-owned bookstores.
  • • Start conversations and take action to support anti-racist policies at our schools.
  • • Bring anti-racist lessons and curriculum into classrooms starting in kindergarten; it should be embedded.
  • • Critically analyze our own writing and art for how it addresses issues of injustice and representation — then make changes where it falls short.
  • • Learn every student’s name and preferred pronouns — all of them!!!
  • • Alert organizations and their leader when hee is not sufficient diversity and inclusion at conferences and events.
  • • Learn how to confront racist ideas and conversations when they surface using some of the resources we have listed. Be prepared.
  • • Critically analyze our own writing and art for how it addresses issues of injustice and representation — then make changes where it falls short. Use authenticity readers and pay then for the expertise.
  • • Remember that we have two ears and one mouth, to listen twice as much. Listen and learn from peeps deeply affected by racism. They are also tired, so please do research on your own prior to asking them to teach you.
  • • Be unafraid to be yourself at work/etc. Stand up for other people who may not feel as comfortable. Report harassment when it occurs in the workplace.
  • • Buy from non-dominant culture-owned shops.
  • • Speak live on Facebook about hatred and antiracism.
  • • Watch episodes of Emmanuel Acho’s Uncomfortable Convos with a Black Man.

Participants brainstormed ideas about actions we can take toward greater equity and inclusion. Click on thumbnails to see full-sized images.

Faces from TOV event   Art from TOV Event

PowerPoint Presentation from the event >>

“Rise Up” playlist by Michelle Quraishi on iTunes >>


Date:         Thursday, July 9
Time:         7:00-8:30 p.m.
Where:      Online Zoom Event
Topic:       We will write, draw, and create in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.
Cost:         FREE!


Tapestry of Voices Meet Up

Join the Tapestry of Voices community for an evening of writing, drawing, sharing, healing, and action for greater equity and justice in our art and in our world.



  1. Meet & Greet

  2. Writing/Drawing Prompt for Healing

  3. Sharing Ideas for Social Justice Action


Please note: This Tapestry of Voices event explores and expresses allyship with Black Lives Matter. TOV recognizes that action for justice on behalf of any marginalized group can benefit all marginalized groups. Our community is inclusive of every group that faces exclusion and inequality, and we invite all participants to bring ideas for future topics, meetups, and actions we can take as allies and advocates for change.

What is Tapestry of Voices?
An initiative in SCBWI North/East Bay for those who want to REACH, INCLUDE, and BELONG by:


• Creating children’s literature that reflects the rich tapestry of the world and the diversity of all the people who live in it.

• Celebrating all voices, and finding ways to center under-represented voices in our professional conversations, organization, and work.

• Supporting each other’s careers across all identities and experiences.


FREE EVENT! All children’s book writers and illustrators from all regions are welcomed.


Co-hosted by Natasha Tripplett and Michelle Quraishi.
To register to receive Zoom link, or it’s if you have any questions: