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Congratulations to Samantha Gassman for Her Debut Picture Book!

Samantha Gassman is thrilled to announce her debut picture book, Dear Rainbow Baby, publishing Spring 2022 by Clear Fork and illustrated by Tim Lange.


Snow Covered Peaks and Tiger CoversCongratulations to Bhikshuni Jin Rou for His Honorable Mention for Literacy Excellence!

Bhikshuni Jin Rou’s books Snow-Covered Peaks and Come Back O Tiger! won the won Royal Dragonfly Honorable Mention for Literacy Excellence. Both books were published by Instilling Goodness Books, an imprint of Buddhist Text Translation Society.




Dumpling DayCongratulations to Meera Sriram for Her New Book

Dumpling Day, illustrated by Inés de Antuñano and published by Barefoot Books, is Meera Sriram‘s fourth book. It is planned for release in fall of 2021.



MuffledBook Birthday to Jennifer Gennari for Muffled!

Happy Book Birthday for Muffled, published by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.





meditation stationCongratulations to Author Susan B. Katz and Illustrator Anait Semirdzhyan on Winning the 2020 International Book Award for Mind/Body/Spirit Children’s Book!

All aboard! Your racing train of thoughts may try to whisk you off down the railroad tracks, but you can choose to stay in the Meditation Station, focusing on your breath and tuning into your body. This adorable picture book for children ages 4-8, teaches kids (and, let’s be honest, adults too!) how to calm their bodies and minds.




weavers daughterCongratulations to Sylvia Patience on the Release of her Latest Novel!

“Sometimes people disappear into the North and are never heard from again.” When her papá doesn’t return, twelve-year-old Ixchel, a Maya from the Yucatan, resolves to leave home and make her way across the treacherous border into the United States to find him. Chel relies on an inexperienced smuggler and faces unknown dangers in a border tunnel. Frightened but resourceful, she is driven by hope, love for her father, and her dream of going to school. Published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers. For more information, visit




Turtle boy coverCongratulations to Evan Wolkenstein on His Debut Middle-Grade Novel!

Evan Wolkenstein recently joined SCBWI lives with his family in Novato. His middle-grade novel, Turtle Boy, was released in the US and the UK in May! It is published by Delacorte Books for Young Readers. For more information, visit



Nancy Johnson James Congratulations to Nancy Johnson James on Her First Picture Book!

Nancy Johnson James’ first children’s picture book will launch on September 14, 2020. The book was illustrated by Constance Moore. It is called Brown: The Many Shades of Love and has received a starred review from Kirkus. The publisher is Cameron and Company.



Meera SriramCongratulation Meera Sriram on Her New Book!

Meera Sriram‘s third book was announced, Between Two Worlds: The Art & Life of Amrita Sher-Gil, illustrated by Ruchi Bakshi Sharma and published by Penny Candy Books. She has previously published the picture books, The Yellow Suitcase (2019) and A Gift For Amma (August 2020).




susan-szecsi-scribblesScribbles to Creatures with Susan Szecsi!

Scribbles to Creatures — Free Livestream, fun for the whole family (ages 5-99).

Stimola Literary Studio presents Susan Szecsi illustrator drawing live on April 2nd, 9 – 9:45 a.m. PDT.

If you send Susan some scribbles, she will transform them to creatures.


Morning SunshineCongratulations Keely Parrack on Your Debut Picture Book Launch!

Keely Parrack’s debut picture book Morning, Sunshine! comes out on March 24, 2020. It is illustrated by John Bajet. Join her for a Virtual launch party on FaceBook at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24.

Here’s a description: As we all wake up, the outside world bustles with life! Discover new facts about familiar creatures—from fluttering moths and scurrying beetles to shy foxes and humming bees—as they go about their morning activities. In the city, the countryside, and the suburbs, nature can be found everywhere!


Welcome and Congratulations Georgia DeBarr!

Georgia DeBarr’s first book was self-published in January Rainbow Rabbit: An Easter Story. We lived in Hawaii where rainbows were a daily occurrence and that is where Rainbow Rabbit hopped into my imagination. The illustrator is local artist, Dotty Schenk.


Congratulations Nadine Takvorian!

Nadine Takvorian’s cover illustration for OpenIDEO’s Early Childhood Reading Challenge was accepted in the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles show and was awarded a Silver Medal in the Children’s Market category. Yay! There will be an exhibit in Los Angeles early next year.


Congratulations Natasha Yim!

Alyssa Mito Pusey at Charlesbridge has bought world rights to Natasha Yim‘s Luna’s Yum Yum Dim Sum, a picture book about three siblings who can’t agree on how to divide their pork buns equally. Violet Kim will illustrate; publication is scheduled for fall 2020.


Congratulations Meera Sriram and Nadia Salomon!

North/East Bay SCBWI member and author Meera Sriram had the picture book, A Gift for Amma: Market Day in India, in which a girl searches for the perfect gift for her mother at a colorful outdoor market, acquired by Lisa Rosinsky of Barefoot Books, to be published Fall 2020. Earlier this year, Sriram published her debut picture book, The Yellow Suitcase.

Nadia Salomon’s debut book, Goodnight Ganesa, a bedtime story featuring two young children sleeping over at their grandparents’ home in India, and the various ways their culture plays a role in their nighttime routine, illustrated by Poonam Mistry, to Liza Kaplan at Philomel, for publication in fall 2021.


Congratulations Mitali Perkins!

Between Us and Abuela

Mitali Perkins’ debut picture book is now available!

“…Maria; her little brother, Juan; and their mother take a bus to the U.S. side to hear the Christmas story, sing carols, worship with other separated families, and have a fleeting face-to-face moment through the fencing with beloved Abuela, who has traveled from her Mexican village to see them for the first time in five years … Cartoon drawings emphasize the resilience of Abuela and her family as they navigate the border landscape, the impenetrable wall, and a situation that feels unfathomable—but is, unfortunately, all too based in reality.” ― Publishers Weekly, starred review


Crystal Kite Award
Congratulate Crystal Kite winner Lynn Fulton for her book, She Made a Monster; How Mary Shelley Created Frankenstein!


SCBWI Announces Winner of Ann Whitford Paul Grant
The Ann Whitford Paul-Writer’s Digest Manuscript Grant is an annual award given to a Most Promising Picture Book manuscript. One winner and two honorable mentions were selected from a pool of over 500 picture book manuscripts.

Celebrated author Ann Whitford Paul announced the winners and summarized the promising manuscripts.

The winner of the $1,000 grant is our very own SF North East Bay member, Sherry Smith!


ROSA AND BESSIE by Sherry Smith

Set in Mississippi in the early 20th century, Rosa longs to sing in the choir, but is too young. When she later attends a traveling minstrel show, and hears the famous Bessie Smith sing, she determines not only to grow up and sing, but to start right away with a show of her own in her back yard. Sherry’s writing conjures up the time and location vividly and helps readers connect to Rosa’s wants and cheer for her success.

updated 12/2/2021